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Shantikunj Haridwar: Changing The World!

The youth have the potential to change the way the whole world works if they know the right way go about things, and Shantikunj Haridwar is one destination that certainly shows many people from all across the globe how to do just that.

A Holy Sojourn At The Hotels In Shantikunj Haridwar!

Haridwar is considered to be one of the holy lands in India. This pilgrimage city is nestled at the banks of the River Ganges and has incurred its ancient name Gangadwara.


Shantikunj Haridwar: Rejuvenate Your Soul On The Shadows Of Himalayas!

A devotee who plans his journey will never miss out Shantikunj since it’s the most serene place where everyone can feel one with nature and the omnipresent.


Shantikunj Haridwar Hotels: An Affordable Long Weekend in Haridwar!

Shantikunj does not require any introduction especially for spiritual creatures. It is the gateway to holy city Haridwar and located nearly 6 kilometers away from city railway station. Being positioned on the bank of glorified Ganga River, this devotional place was founded way back in the year 1971 by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya.

Enjoy A Peaceful Sojourn In Haridwar: Shantikunj Haridwar!

Haridwar is a holy city of North India in Uttarkhand State. The holy River Ganges flows through this city which adds to the purity of the place according to the believers.


Enjoy A Peaceful Sojourn By Booking Into Grand Hotels In Shanti Kunj !

Shanti Kunj witnesses thousands of visitors every year because of the fact that it is a prime pilgrimage destination.


Katra Hotels: A Holy Holiday Destination!

Katra is the gateway to the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi. It’s a small town of Jammu and Kashmir, in the Indian side, tucked in the Trikuta Mountains.


Shantikunj Haridwar: Aptly Called As The ‘Gateway To Gods’!

Haridwar is an important pilgrimage city situated in the state of Uttarakhand; India. The city itself named as Haridwar or sometimes even pronounced as Hardwar means a ‘gateway of gods’ to the earth. The holy river ‘Ganga’ enters The Indo Gangetic Plains of North India in Haridwar; hence the ancient name is ‘Gangadwar’.

Haridwar Hotels- A Tranquilized Halting Place

 Located near the holy Ganga River, Haridwar is a place which is visited by tons of visitors almost every day.





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